Mature Olive Trees

20+ year old mature olive trees for sale.  These trees are currently surplus to requirements.  They are starting to produce lovely gnarled bases/trunks and will be a perfect addition to your dream garden.

Variety: Corregiola.  This is a beautiful variety, perfectly suited to Tasmania's climate.  It is a regular producer of exceptionally high quality oil (multi gold medal winning). The olives are small but have a delicious nutty flavour when pickled in brine.

We offer two options for sale:

  •  Option 1 ($1200): hard prune, bare-rooted and dug out. Branches will be pruned above the stump between waist and chest high and will need to be transplanted immediately as soon as they are dug out. NB: trees will sucker from the trunk and branches once planted, so they will need a few passes of desuckering along the trunk before the tree re-learns to only produce canopy from the upper branches again.
  • Option 2 ($1500): trees are hard-pruned and dug out as above, but roots and soil are placed in a large grow bag and placed into our nursery for 12 months for roots and canopy to start to re-establish (see example, subsequently planted in-ground, below).  Plants are desuckered, ensuring trunk cleanliness and a strong canopy.

A 50% deposit is required at ordering time.  Minimum order of 2.

Prices are ex-farmgate, with purchasers to organise their own transport.

Please email us directly at for further information or to place an order.

 Mature Olive Trees for Sale

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