Making Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To ensure our high quality standards are met we do the entire production process ourselves – from tree to bottle.  There are a number of factors that affect oil flavour and explain why ours tastes so good that you'll keep on coming back for more:

Like grapes, olives have varieties too (not just 'black and green' as many presume. Each variety has its own unique flavour - we primarily have Italian varieties (Frantoio, Corregiola and Pendolino) which have lively and interesting flavours that go equally well in a wide variety of dishes.  These varieties thrive in our cool climate, producing a low yield with high quality.
Our farm site was specially selected for its soil type (rich, decomposed dolerite), sunny north-facing aspect and purity of air and water. Tasmania's cooler growing conditions means that our olives ripen slower than elsewhere, resulting in an intense flavour and a very stable oil.
Harvest period
The timing of harvest affects oil quality and flavour.  If olives are too ripe, the oil loses intensity and complexity and has a shorter shelf life. If under-ripe, the flavour is too bitter and hasn't had a  chance to fully 'unpack'. We time our harvest for the 'sweet spot' in between (when the olives are changing colour from green to purple).
Time to process
Olives deteriorate as soon as they leave the tree - we take them from the tree to the processing shed as quickly as possible.  We are one of only a handful of Tasmanian olive producers luck enough to have our own state of the art processing plant, with  stainless steel machines to ensure the purity of our oil.
All of our oil is cold pressed (ie without the addition of heat, which affects quality and flavour), with minimised oxygen contact.  Likewise, our oil is produced without the aid of chemicals or refining or a secondary extraction process.  We deliberately limit the amount of oil we extract from each olive (it takes about 7kg of olives to make one litre of oil) to maximise flavour and quality - we do this by processing at an ultra low temperature, meaning that the delicate and complex flavours are captured in the oil rather than evaporating into the air.
Storage and bottling
We store our oil in air-tight stainless steel tanks to avoid oxidation and ensure the purity of our product. Bottling is done in limited batches and made to-order, ensuring freshness.

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